Q. How often should I service my HVAC system?

We recommend servicing your system once a year for both heating and cooling.

Q. What is the warranty like on a new HVAC system?

Most of our systems come with a 10 year parts warranty and a 5 year labor warranty. Any of our service repairs have a 2-year or 3-year warranty.

Q. Which HVAC system is right for my home?

We are able to customize a system that fits your home based on square footage, personal comfort needs, and within your budget. Be sure to have a system that is installed properly and maintain proper maintenance of your equipment in order to allow your system to operate at it's best.

Q. How do I know if I need a new heater or air conditioner?

If your system isn't working, it's time for a new system. The age of your system is a good indicator as to whether or not you will need a new system in the future. If your system isn't working correctly, you may want to take into consideration the age of your system against the cost of repairs to get the system back up and running.

Q. How often should I check my air filter?

Your filter should be changed once a month.

Q. How often should I clean my air filter?

Your filter should be changed once a month.

Q. How often should I replace my air filter?

Your filter should be changed once a month.

Q. What is the proper indoor humidity level?

Wintertime is usually 35 or lower,
Summertime anything below 50%

Q. What do I need a humidifier?

A humidifier assists with breathing issues and allergens. It prevents woodworking from cracking within the home and prevents static electricity.

Q. Should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Yes - we recommend having them cleaned every five to seven years.

Q. What Size Heating and Air Conditioning System Do I Need?

The size of your system is based on the size of your home, how well it is insulated, the age of your house, and how tight your house is.

Q. What type of heating and air conditioning system should I get?

There are a variety of items that go into selecting a system - you'll want to take into consideration your budget, your need for comfort, and other select comfort choices within a system.

Q. What is the best way to heat and cool my home?

Depends on what is available to your home and the application.

Q. What is better: Gas, Electric, or Oil?

These all serve well to meet a variety of needs for individual customers.

Q. How do I know if my air quality is bad?

We are happy to come out to check your air quality.

Q. How can I check or test my air quality?

Call us at 513-868-3388 to schedule an air quality assessment.