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HVAC Repair Services in Cincinnati, OH

When winter’s frigid winds start whipping through your home or the summer heat starts sizzling on the sidewalk outside, you rely on your AC unit or furnace for the heating and cooling you need. But unfortunately, it always seems like heating, air conditioning, and other modern HVAC innovations fail at the worst possible times.

If you’re currently sweating your socks off or your face is frozen, don’t worry! Call the friendly professional technicians at Better Choice Heating & Air Conditioning for the heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality service you deserve. As Ohio’s leading HVAC repair company, we take pride in offering the state’s best HVAC services, with a focus on customer satisfaction, high-quality repair and installation, and affordable prices. Reach out to us for a free estimate on HVAC repair services in Cincinnati, OH, anytime, or read more about our heating, air conditioning, and other comfort services below!

OH’s Trusted Local HVAC Repair Company

For exceptional service that you can depend on, call Better Choice, and see why so many people count on our crew for all things heating and cooling! We offer regular maintenance, new unit installation, and HVAC repair services in Cincinnati, OH, for a wide range of heating, air conditioning, and combined systems. We operate throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, serving many different Northeast Ohio communities such as:

  • Liberty Township
  • West Chester
  • Mason
  • Loveland
  • Montgomery
  • Lebanon
  • Maineville
  • King Mills
  • Blue Ash
  • Sharonville
  • Glendale
  • Kenwood
  • Indian Hill
  • Terrace Park
  • Camp Dennison
  • Milford
  • Mariemont
  • Columbia
  • Tusculum
  • Hyde Park
  • Oakley
  • Adams
  • Hamilton
  • Middletown
  • Fairfield
  • Colerain Township
  • Northgate
  • Groesbeck
  • Pleasant Run
  • Wyoming
  • Finneytown
  • White Oak
  • Bridgetown
  • Delhi
  • Covedale
  • Newtown
  • Anderson Township
  • Beechmont
  • Mount Washington
  • And Beyond!


Cooling Repair Services

If one thing has changed in the world of HVAC over the past few decades, it’s that air conditioning systems are no longer a modern luxury — they’re a genuine necessity. Air conditioning has become essential during the warm spring and summer months, especially here in the Buckeye State. However, unfortunately, your air conditioning system won’t last forever without needing repair or maintenance service.

Struggling to stay cool at your West Chester, Wyoming, or White Oak, OH, home or business due to a broken, inconsistent, or inefficient air conditioner? Stop sweating and start cooling off! Better Choice Heating & Air Conditioning provides cooling repair services as part of our full suite of HVAC repair services in Cincinnati, OH. If we can’t find a fix for your air conditioner, we can also recommend a replacement AC system that suits your needs.

Here’s a quick list of signs that you might need air conditioning repair:

  • Hot air (rather than cool air) blowing from the air conditioning system
  • Weak or poor airflow from the air conditioning unit
  • Unusual noises coming from the air conditioning system
  • Unpleasant odors emanating from the air conditioning unit
  • Frequent on/off cycling of the air conditioning unit
  • Electrical shortages in the home (this issue can be a potential safety risk, so don’t wait to contact us)
  • Higher energy bills than usual without a corresponding increase in usage
  • Poor indoor air quality in your house or commercial space
  • Leaks or moisture around the air conditioning unit
  • The air conditioning unit won’t turn on or off
  • Technicians have previously recommended repairing your air conditioning unit in the past, but you haven’t had time to book repairs
  • You have not scheduled AC maintenance in over 2 years

If these signs sound all too familiar, you definitely need air conditioning repair. Don’t let that overheating heat pump, unresponsive window AC unit, or clunky, inefficient central air conditioning system ruin your day! Book AC repair with our courteous local HVAC contractors, and we’ll bring your AC unit back to life so you can enjoy cooling your home once again.


Heating Repair Services

Even if your air conditioner is brand-new, it won’t do you any good if your comfort system problems occur during Ohio’s chilly winter weather. That’s why in addition to cooling system service, we also provide heating repair services ranging from furnace repair to heat pump repair and everything in between.

If your heating system needs service, you’ll usually be able to tell that something is going wrong. Here are some heating unit red flags to look out for:

  • Insufficient heating or cool air coming from the heating unit
  • Strange noises coming from the heating unit
  • Increased heating bills without an increase in usage
  • “Cold spots” in your home or uneven room-to-room heating
  • Poor indoor air quality, such as excessive dust or stale air
  • Frequent on/off cycling of the heating unit
  • Unpleasant odors coming from the heating unit


Heating units become less efficient as they age, and their ability to keep your space warm declines significantly over time. If your residential or commercial heating system is more than 8-10 years old, it might be time to replace it. The energy savings, comfort benefits, minimal need for repairs, and improved system efficiency that come with a new furnace or heat pump installation can actually help your new heating system pay for itself, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with choosing replacement heating equipment!

Why Choose Us for Heating or Air Conditioning Repair?

We’re far from the only company that offers HVAC repair services in Cincinnati, Camp Dennison, Columbia, Colerain Township, and Covedale, OH, but we truly believe that our HVAC repair professionals are the best in the industry. Here’s why you can trust us with your home’s heating, air conditioning, and IAQ:

Your Local Experts for Ohio HVAC Services!

Whether you live in Mason, Montgomery, Maineville, or Milford, or you call Mariemont, Mt. Adams, Middletown, or Mount Washington your home, Better Choice can help keep you and your family comfortable with our heating, air conditioning, and ventilation repair services. In addition to AC and heating system repair, we also are available around the clock for heating and AC maintenance, heating and AC unit replacement, equipment safety checks, system efficiency analysis, indoor air quality services, and so much more.

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Your home’s comfort is our business, so if there’s a problem with your air conditioner, furnace, or other heating or cooling system in Anderson Township, Delhi, Fairfield, Finneytown, Glendale, Groesbeck, Hamilton, Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Northgate, Newtown, Oakley, Pleasant Run, Terrace Park, Tusculum, Kenwood, King Mills, or Sharon, OH, we want to know! Call today to book HVAC repair services in Cincinnati, OH, or schedule a fix in just a few clicks by setting up an appointment online. Our heating and cooling pros will be there soon!