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HVAC Repair in Liberty Township, Ohio and the Surrounding Areas


When your central heating and cooling system breaks down, it can be stressful and quickly make your comfortable temperature-controlled home an unbearable space. Better Choice Heating and Air Conditioning is the reliable HVAC service provider in Liberty Township, OH. We can help restore your HVAC system performance with scheduled or emergency HVAC services.

Are you searching for a trusted HVAC service provider who is different from other HVAC companies? Better Choice Heating and Air Conditioning pay special attention to safety, customer needs, and healthy indoor air quality, setting us apart from the rest. Don’t hesitate to book your HVAC repair services with our team today, at (513) 647-6397.


Common Signs You Need HVAC Repair

A sudden increase in your monthly cooling bills is a clear sign that something is off in your HVAC system. However, issues like warm air, poor airflow, foul smells, strange sounds, and irregular cycles can all indicate issues before your bill skyrockets.

When your HVAC system fails to blow cool air when you want it to, it often indicates issues with your fan, clogged coils, or refrigerant leaks. If your thermostat is set to the correct temperature and your unit still blows warm air, it’s time to call in our HVAC professionals. Reversely, your unit producing cold air when you want heat also indicates your HVAC system may have frozen over. 

When your home experiences poor airflow, it regularly indicates a dirty system, improper ventilation, or issues with your HVAC blower motor. Poor airflow reduces the amount of cool, clean air your home receives and causes your system to work harder and waste energy. We can help you restore its efficiency and lower monthly cooling or heating bills.

Foul smells coming from your HVAC unit can stem from pesky mold inside your unit or from refrigerant leaking out. While mold is easy to clean out of your system or filter, refrigerant can be a more dangerous issue that causes respiratory failures and can even be fatal in some cases. Indoor air quality tests can help you identify which irritants are present in your home’s air.

Strange sounds frequently indicate an electrical issue in your HVAC system, like loose wiring or issues with your condenser fan. Electrical work is dangerous, so it’s always important to have a professional HVAC technician perform any repair or installation services. Our professional contractors can help indicate which sounds correspond to which HVAC issue and fix them. 

Faulty thermostats and restricted airflow regularly lead to irregular HVAC cycles. However, improper installations also play a major factor. If you install an HVAC system that is too large, it will cool your home too quickly and shut off early. On the other hand, an HVAC system that is too small will struggle to cool it and use a lot of energy to keep up, raising your monthly costs. 

HVAC Repair Services Near Liberty Township, OH

Our HVAC repair services near Liberty Township, OH, include air conditioning repair, reversing valve repair, leak detection, emergency HVAC service, and filter changes.

Air Conditioning Repair

Our air conditioning services near Liberty Township can help you with common AC repair  issues like a faulty thermostat, dirty system, or electrical HVAC issues. Our technicians arrive promptly, with friendly attitudes, and ready to get the job done right.

Reversing Valve Repair

Air conditioning is only half of your HVAC system. When you have issues with the heating side of your HVAC system, you likely need reversing valve repair. A stuck reversing valve stays in either cooling or heating mode and doesn’t switch when it’s supposed to. We can help fix it!

Leak Detection

Leak detection is vital for your HVAC system to ensure it doesn’t freeze over or present hazards in your home. Our trained professionals are experienced in leak detection services in Liberty Township. We’ll address water leaks stemming from issues with your condensate drain or handle dangerous refrigerant leaks safely and top off your levels properly.

Emergency HVAC Service

Sometimes heating and cooling repair can’t wait for scheduled services. When you experience an emergency HVAC problem, we have emergency HVAC services near Liberty Township. We understand the importance of the role your HVAC system plays in your family’s health, especially for newborns or elderly family members. Our 24/7 HVAC services help right away!

Filter Changes

Maintenance is essential to the lifespan of your HVAC system. While HVAC repair services focus on fixing existing issues, filter changes and other maintenance services act as preventative measures to reduce major repair or early replacement needs. We can help you change dirty filters or clogged coils and monitor your system’s seasonal performance.

Make the ‘Better Choice’ For Your HVAC Repair Services in Liberty Township, OH

The HVAC service from Better Choice Heating and Air Conditioning sets us apart from other HVAC companies because we truly put our customers’ needs first. We’re available 24/7 with emergency services to restore the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. 

Are you searching for reliable heating and cooling repair services near Liberty Township, OH? The expert HVAC technicians at Better Choice Heating and Air Conditioning have the knowledge and experience to complete any HVAC project you throw our way. Our friendly customer service team is ready to book your HVAC services, at (513) 647-6397